Jiatai Science (Henan Province)

Already four thousand years ago, people felt the magic around the place Luoyang. Moreover, Luoyang was the capital of as many as eight Chinese dynasties and was long regarded as the geographical centre of China. So it is a city with a past, but also a city with a vision for the future. Companies in the region are encouraged to switch to green energy and Jiatai Science came to us for help. We were happy to install more than 11,000 panels on their roof.


Jiatai Science


Luoyang, Henan Province



Roof surface

More than 10.000 m²

See what happened to the client’s roof

"In Luoyang, Chinese culture was partly born; it is now our responsibility to protect it and take care of our environment. The switch to green energy can help us do this quite a bit."

He Jiakang
Owner of Jiatai Science

Thank you for your confidence in us, Jiatai Science!