We are EnergyVision

EnergyVision has 237 employees, head offices in Ghent and Brussels (Belgium) and offices in Casablanca, Khouribga (Morocco) and Tianjin (China).
EnergyVision provides renewable energy solutions and charging solutions for electric vehicles, always based on a no capex business model. As such, it removes all technical and financial barriers for customers. Since 2014, EnergyVision has built and operates over 20,500 energy projects, generating over 825 million kWh of green electricity per year.
Our company was founded with only 6,200 EUR of equity, three friends and one important principle: it’s all about people and removing their (energy) concerns. Today, EnergyVision’s annual consolidated turnover exceeds €100 million. It’s still all about people.
We put our heart and soul into everything we do, with a single goal: to relieve our clients of all their energy concerns.

A few figures about our company

237 employees

167 men, 70 women

5 offices

10 coffee machines

producing a total of 110,500 cups of coffee per year

22 nationalities

speaking a total of 19 languages

+ 20,500 projects

together generating over 825 million kWh per year

Over 690 MWp PV

over 2,535,000 solar panels

117 million EUR

Turnover 2022 (consolidated)

26,3 million EUR

Ebitda 2022 (consolidated)

Our mission and vision


So what is EnergyVision's vision? It's in our name! But not just in our name. Our vision is firmly embedded in every fibre of our company: our heart, brain, absolutely everywhere. We aim to add genuine value on the basis of relevant innovation.

Our technologies are eco-based: ‘eco’ as in ecological, but also economical.

We aim to be the market leader in our core regions, standing out from the crowd thanks to our focus on eco R&D, complete solutions and sustainability in terms of both technology and project implementation.


EnergyVision aims to be your reliable partner for specific energy projects in the industrial market, based on the principles of taking away all your concerns, state-of-the-art technology, partnership and qualitative market interaction.

EnergyVision focuses on complete, sustainable energy solutions and projects, from design to handover.