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8,000 satisfied customers have already opted for EnergyVision.

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Yinjian Metallurgy (Hebei Province)



In view of China's ambitious 2060 climate targets, the heavily industrialised province of Hebei could use all the help it can get. You can guess...

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Brusol, Brussels


4,000 households, which means 56,000 solar panels.

Even last month, we started up more than 120 sites in perfect safety. That brings the total to 4,000 installations since we began at the end of...

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Haida Mould (Anhui Province)



More than 8,000 solar panels now cover the roofs of Haida Mould. The installation will generate more than 3 million kWh per year, which is a...

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Solar irrigation in Morocco


Fully autonomous irrigation systems, powered by solar energy

In rural Morocco, in places off the electricity grid, we have constructed customised solar panel installations of between 3 kWp and 150 kWp to...

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UGC Turnhout


A 225 KWP solar panel installation

EnergyVision/Brusol made UGC Cinema one of the greenest cinemas in the country. In less than a month's time, we installed no less than 1,364...

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Linnan Power (Anhui Province)


A 5 MWp solar panel installation

As a manufacturer and seller of transformers and electricity boards, the electrical world knows no secrets to Linnan Power. The idea of...

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5,500 satisfied customers have already opted for EnergyVision.


"Very smooth, professional approach with clear communication along the way."

Owner of Shenglonghua

"Thanks to ProFilm, we manage to reduce the temperature by more than 10°C."

Mr. Wang, Facility Manager

"Public institutions in Brussels will thus have a solution where they can enjoy clean, sustainable and free energy."

C. Fremault, former Brussels Minister of Energy

"For us, this PV project is the final piece in the complete, sustainable transformation of the historic Gare Maritime complex."

Peter De Durpel, Extensa

Thanks to Brusol, 4,000 families have free green power for 25 years or more. 4,000 installations, that means 56,000 solar panels.

"This project, full of sustainability and social commitment, is an example of how we as a club want to be in society."

Jos Donvil, CEO of RSCA