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Big or small, we build for all

In 2014 EnergyVision was almost entirely focused on China and Morocco. We had a small office in Belgium, an even smaller warehouse and a little van. Today we are the undisputed leader in solar panel and relighting projects in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region.

EnergyVision in Belgium

Our approach is always the same: completely unburdening the customer, a process from A to Z, where we not only engineer, but also build, finance and maintain a project. The customer invests nothing and realises a guaranteed discount on his/her current electricity price.

Big or small, we build for everyone. Big, like the 10,000 solar panels on the Gare Maritime (the largest solar plant in Brussels, and the largest rooftop installation in the whole of Belgium since 2013!). Or small, like the more than 7,000 families who get 6 to 20 panels for free within our Brusol offer.

In five years, we rose from 5% to more than 75% market share specifically in the Brussels Capital Region.

Koen Decourt
Founder and COO of EnergyVision

Our realisations in Belgium

EnergyVision in China

EnergyVision is small and China is huge, but the combination really works. In 2022 we will pass the 300 MWp mark for solar panel installations constructed in China. That means 375 million kWh of green electricity per year, all built and financed by EnergyVision.

Of course the Chinese market is immense: up to 100 GW in projects each year. At 120 MW, our market share is just 0.1%. But look closer and it soon becomes clear why the whole sector in China knows about EnergyVision. Of those 100 GW of solar panel installations, around 90 GW are located on land (ground-based sites) or houses (residential sector). Only 10 GW are roof-mounted projects. Projects where the customer (a factory or SME) consumes the energy locally itself only account for 1.000 MW (10% of 10 GW). That is the niche that EnergyVision focuses on. Within that niche (1.000 MW), our 120 MW of annual growth represents a market share of no less than 12%.

Eric Zhang
GM of EnergyVision China

Our realisations in China 

EnergyVision in Morocco

Since His Majesty King Mohammed VI proclaimed Morocco as the land of sunshine, it seems as though the whole world has its eyes on the region. Morocco is and continues to be a difficult market. It is very price driven and risk averse. Moroccans are born hagglers and they know what they want. And yet sometimes there is a glut of poor-quality solar panels and transformers flooding the market. The number of small-scale fitters is doubling with each year that passes.

EnergyVision is making a real difference here. We are gradually increasing our market share, injecting top quality into the country and embarking on long-term relationships with our customers, with guarantees lasting from ten years up to as much as thirty years. This has turned us into an absolute benchmark for solar panels and solar irrigation in Morocco in just seven years. With a market share of more than 20%, we are the clear leaders in Morocco. And we are still growing.                                                           

Hassan Mourhit
Founder and CEO EnergyVision Maroc

Our realisations in Morocco


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