EnergyVision, the energy supplier to SMEs.

100% green and 100% local.

EnergyVision (with its headquarters in Ghent and Brussels, but also active in Morocco and China) offers sustainable energy solutions for your business, without cost or risk.

Reduce your energy consumption  

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. We replace your old, energy-guzzling technologies with up-to-date solutions (such as LED lighting or other optimisations).

We want to reduce our consumption.

Generate your own energy

We use the unused space on your roof to install solar panels free of charge. You generate green energy and only pay for the energy you actually use.

We want solar panels on our roof.

Switch to 100% green energy

Are you based in Brussels? Switch to Brusol as your energy supplier straight away. Brusol is our local project in the Brussels Capital Region. Our promise: 100% green and 100% made in Brussels. (Are you based in Flanders? Hold tight, we’re coming your way soon!)

We want to switch to Brusol

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100% green energy

100% local energy

0 euros investment

Smart energy solutions for smart customers

At EnergyVision, our 135 employees work hard day in, day out to put customers first. We strive for maximum energy savings, we remove all financial barriers for the customer and we never compromise on quality. We produce green energy for more than 8,000 customers. This accounts for more than 400 million kWh of green electricity a year for our customers in Belgium, China and Morocco. We take care of all the investments. Customers only pay for the electricity actually consumed, at a guaranteed lower price than their current energy rate.

With EnergyVision, you benefit from an integrated energy saver.

We're so much more than solar panel builders: we analyse your energy consumption, come up with a custom proposal, finance the entire installation, and we even build it ourselves. Afterwards, we maintain and monitor the installation throughout its lifetime.

No personal investment

We bear the entire investment of each installation we install. We finance a project for one, five, eight, ten or even fifteen years. Customers do not take any risks in terms of investments.

Guaranteed cheaper energy

The energy generated through our projects is guaranteed to be cheaper than what our future customers are currently paying. No surprises, no small print. A kWh with us is cheaper than a kWh elsewhere on the market, guaranteed.


There is no financial or technical risk for customers, who only pay for the green electricity they actually consume. If the installation does not work or if the customers do not need energy, they do not pay anything.

These companies have already joined forces with us worldwide

5,500 satisfied customers have already opted for EnergyVision. We only operate in regions where we have our own teams and offices. This ensures we are always close to our customers.

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Solar irrigation in Morocco


Fully autonomous irrigation systems, powered by solar energy

In rural Morocco, in places off the electricity grid, we have constructed customised solar panel installations of between 3 kWp and 150 kWp to

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KAA Gent


A PV-installation of 411 kWp

There are 2,000 solar panels on the Ghelamco Arena. In a first phase, over 1,100 of them were installed on the southern flanks of the canopy.

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Duge, China


4 MWp, producing almost 5 million kWh of green electricity/year

In the last quarter of 2019, we installed no less than 19 Mwp in parallel, with a total of almost 250 fitters on the different roofs

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"Very smooth, professional approach with clear communication along the way."

Owner of Shenglonghua

"Thanks to ProFilm, we manage to reduce the temperature by more than 10°C."

Mr. Wang, Facility Manager

"Public institutions in Brussels will thus have a solution where they can enjoy clean, sustainable and free energy."

C. Fremault, former Brussels Minister of Energy

"For us, this PV project is the final piece in the complete, sustainable transformation of the historic Gare Maritime complex."

Peter De Durpel, Extensa

Thanks to Brusol, 4,000 families have free green power for 25 years or more. 4,000 installations, that means 56,000 solar panels.

"This project, full of sustainability and social commitment, is an example of how we as a club want to be in society."

Jos Donvil, CEO of RSCA