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Free solar panels and cheap green electricity (€0.20/kWh), you'll sign up for that right away, won't you? Like 8,000 other families, save up to €1,100 a year on your energy bills.

All about your free solar panels

Lower your energy bills now with free solar panels

Yes, at EnergyVision you really do get your solar panels absolutely free. Even the installation, maintenance, any interventions afterwards,... There are no costs involved either. You only pay for the green electricity you consume at a favourable fixed rate.

What you get for free :

Solar panels





How we finance you installation

You pay a fixed fee of €0.20/kWh for the green electricity you consume. This tariff is so advantageous that you immediately save on your energy bill, even if you benefit from the social tariff.

The electricity you do not need, we inject into the grid and use at our charging stations in Belgium. This is how we earn back our investment.

Green and cheap energy

Your free solar panels: the process in 5 steps

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    Roof analysis

    During a personal meeting, we analyse your roof and explain the whole process in detail.

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    Are you convinced? Then you sign your contract and the preparations can start.

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    Your solar panels will be installed, maintained and further monitored free of charge for 30 years.

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    You immediately save on your energy bill.

How much can you save on your energy bills?

Apply for your free solar panels now

With free solar panels, you save a hefty investment cost. With a ridiculously cheap tariff of €0.20/kWh, you will save even more on your energy bill. Calculate what you can save here.

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"Very satisfied. Everything went as agreed."

- Pascal Dams

"Satisfied! The installation was done quickly."

- Russel Vanoystaeyen

"A smooth handling by EnergyVision. I am very satisfied."

- Remi Leenders

"The installation was professional and quick."

- Steve Vervaet

"Everything went smoothly. Great service!"

- Patrick Blockmans

"Smooth, as per agreement, clean finish, friendly technician and friendly placers."

- Filip Cnudde van vzw Helping Dogs

"The installation was done extremely competently and very carefully!"

- Marc D'hondt

"Everything was well organised and executed as agreed."

- Sam Moeremans

"The installation is beautiful and was solidly placed. I am satisfied!"

- Niels Machielsen


Find the answer to all your questions here.

What exactly does the EnergyVision solution entail?

EnergyVision installs a solar panel system at your home free of charge. For the energy that comes out of these solar panels and that you can use, you pay a tariff that is guaranteed to be lower than your current energy price.

Everything, everything, is included in that price. There are no costs or charges or anything else.

If you need energy outside of solar hours, you still have to buy it from an energy supplier (and those prices are much more expensive). But when the sun shines and you need energy, you get it from your own roof. And when you don't need energy, you pay nothing and we inject the energy into the grid.

How much do I save with my solar panels?

Your energy bill will undoubtedly go down.

Example: We consider a standard consumption of 3,500 kWh per year (family with two children). Suppose we can place an installation of 10 solar panels on your roof, the installation will generate +- 3,500 kWh of green electricity annually. On average, we find that +-40% (or 1,400 kWh) of the production will be consumed locally by the customer (= self-consumption). In other words, in this example, you will purchase 1,400 kWh from EnergyHome at a much cheaper rate.
Suppose you have opted for our fixed formula, you will pay EUR 280 to EnergyVision instead of EUR 700* to your current energy supplier for this 1,400 kWh of green power. So this means annual savings of EUR 420 without any investment or headaches. The higher your unit price with your energy supplier or the higher your self-consumption, the higher your savings will be. Tips to increase your self-consumption can be found in the answer to the question below "How can I save more with my solar panels".
*Calculated at an average unit price of EUR 0.50 per kWh.

What is involved in the installation?

You will receive an agreement proposal from us. If you accept this, a home visit will follow in any case, so that we can map out everything technically (state of the roof, number of solar panels, cabling, etc.). Then we will send you a proposal for a building file. Only when you approve these and Fluvius has installed a smart meter, we start with the installation. If the stability does not allow it, we will obviously not take any unnecessary risks and the contract will be declared null and void.

What about costs for insurance, maintenance, possible taxes?

The fixed or variable rate is an all-in price, including VAT. We pay the costs for insurance of our installation, for any maintenance or repairs, for any taxes, everything. We agree this together and it is cemented in our contract.

Do I have to inform my energy supplier or other parties?

No, you don't need to worry. We arrange everything for you: inspector, meter replacement, and so on. Your energy supplier does not need to be informed. Of course, you can always contact your supplier afterwards to say that you have installed solar panels and that you want to reduce the amount of your advance bill on that basis.

What happens to the installation after the contract period?

After 30 years, you receive the solar panels and can continue to use all the power without paying anything. After 30 years, solar panels still have a return of more than 70%. We therefore recommend that you do not dismantle them immediately and continue to enjoy green power for a few years.