Whistleblower procedure

This whistleblowing policy is based on the European Parliament's Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937. 

On this webpage you can read, among other things, who can make a report, what and how you can report and when you are protected as a whistleblower.

Within EnergyVision, as a whistleblower you can make a report through the internal reporting channel via email to hr@energyvision.be.

Who can make a report?

Anyone who comes into contact with EnergyVision in a work-related context can file a report: 

  • Employees, Ex-employees, job applicants
  • Trainees and job students
  • Self-employed persons working in the company or persons under the supervision and direction of (sub)contractors and suppliers
  • Shareholders, managers, directors

Those who do not have a working relationship with EnergyVision cannot report through the Whistleblower Procedure.

What can you report?

The whistleblowing legislation limits the legal protection of whistleblowers to infringements relating to the following areas:

  • Acts affecting EU financial interests
  • Acts of unfair competition
  • Environmental crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Protection of personal data
  • Security of network and IT systems
  • Tax or social fraud
  • Terrorist financing

How can you make a report?

Within EnergyVision, whistleblowers can make a report through the internal reporting channel via email to hr@energyvision.be.

How does a report proceed?

  • Reports received will be registered and an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent within 7 calendar days of the report. 
  • Reports will be handled from a private, secure and protected system. 
  • Only employees of the HR team will have access to the hr@energyvision.be mailbox.
  • Individuals from this team will always act as impartial persons in reports.
  • At the latest within 3 months, the reporter will receive feedback on the report, provided that this report falls within the legal scope of a whistleblowing regulation.

Am I protected?

As a reporter of legally valid violations, you are protected from reprisals such as dismissal, negative evaluations, disciplinary sanctions, harassment or intimidation. 

How wil personal data be proceed?

The processing of your personal data as a whistleblower will be processed in accordance with the GDPR.

Obligations of the employee

In addition to protection, employees must also comply with 3 obligations:

  • Cooperate constructively in the prevention policy set up in the context of protecting employees against violence, harassment and unwanted sexual behaviour at work and other psychosocial risks. 
  • Refrain from any act of violence, harassment and unwanted sexual behaviour at work.
  • Refrain from any abuse of procedure.