Our commitments in the fight against the coronavirus.


The coronavirus (Covid-19) has now reached Belgium and is keeping many people confined to their homes. Our country has introduced unprecedented measures to combat the virus. Tackling it requires enormous solidarity across the world. EnergyVision is also making clear commitments in the fight against the coronavirus. This is the very least we can do for our people, our customers, and our society.

Our three commitments:

1. Two months’ free electricity for all our customers

All our customers (both SMEs and households) will receive two months of free electricity. Spring is here, the sun is shining in abundance, and our solar parks are currently producing millions of kWh of green electricity. We have decided to make this electricity available to our customers completely free of charge. All our customers in Flanders (both SMEs and households) will receive ‘zero euro’ energy invoices from us for the months of March and April 2020. This will happen automatically – nobody needs to apply for anything.

2. Extra care for all our staff

We guarantee all our staff 100% of their pay, however long this period lasts. Nobody will be furloughed or laid off: not now, not next month, and not in May if the measures are still in force then. Everybody has a full guarantee that they will keep their pay. This applies to all our teams (in Belgium, China, and Morocco) and applies whether they are currently working or on sick leave, in the office or at home on standby, and whether or not they are in lockdown. All our employees – from project managers to financial controllers, from administrative employees to fitters – will also receive extensive hospital care insurance on top of their pay, and we provide free lunches for everyone every day to limit the amount of travel for our people as much as possible. Our employees are our greatest asset and our true capital. They dedicate themselves to the company every day. Today, more than ever, the company is there for them.

3. Our services are still available

Very strict measures apply within our company so that we can carry on working and guarantee that your case is followed up and/or your installation takes place in safe conditions. We are committed to continuing to start up several sites a day in perfect safety. The health of our employees and customers is our absolute priority. We are prioritising our projects for vulnerable households in Brussels, specifically those with the smallest roofs, so that we can help our customers in Brussels reduce their energy bills immediately. The installations take place within our Brusol programme, and we are taking all precautionary measures (see an extensive overview in Dutch or French at

As a whole, these commitments represent an effort costing one million euros, which we pay from our own funds. We have the ability to use these funds thanks to our strong growth in 2019. We didn’t need to stop and think about it for a second.

We will get through this period together. Take care of yourself and each other.

Maarten Michielssens