EnergyVision & the community

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is at the heart of what we do at EnergyVision. Step by step, we are building a better world based on renewable energy. We extend this sustainability integrally into every step of our value chain.

Even more so: social, societal, sustainable and ethical values are the building blocks of our business. The products we work with should integrally meet the highest CSR and ESG values. The suppliers and subcontractors we work with are required to sign our code of conduct and are actively monitored. It is embedded in our statutes that we give priority to disadvantaged groups in job creation. Our employees also share in a share of the profits every year. And in times of crisis, we put them out of the wind. During the covid crisis, all wages were paid, no one was placed on temporary unemployment and free lunches were provided daily for all employees. During the energy crisis, all energy contracts were frozen at the historically low prices (protection against price increases), so they can keep their full focus on taking care of our customers.

We don't need grand theories or strategies to stand responsibly in society.
We just do it.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Every year we support, in a structural way, several charities and cooperate with non-profit organisations.
For the training and recruitment of our installers, we work closely with Rising You and Convivial.
In Morocco, we bring energy to the most remote places, using donkeys as means of transport if necessary.
In Belgium, we are big fans of Ulendo vzw, which works for street children in Malawi.

Our roots

By the way, did you know where our inspiration came from? From none other than Bono, the lead singer of U2.
EnergyVision was founded by three friends, who together put up EUR 6,200 of capital.
Their pockets were empty, but they were convinced they could change the world.
The inspiration came from Bono. You can read the story at