CEO of EnergyVision wins prestigious Vlerick Award


11/10/2021, GHENT - The renowned Vlerick Business School presented its prestigious Vlerick Awards on Friday evening in Ghent. With these awards, Vlerick honours the entrepreneurs behind sustainable growth companies.

The successors of the previous winners (Conny Vandendriessche, founder of House of HR, and Jonas Dhaenens, founder of Combell, CEO of Team Blue) were announced by Flemish Minister of Economy Hilde Crevits during a gala evening. 

This year, the nominees included Pieter Loose (CEO Ekopak) and Louis Jonckheere (founder Showpad).

But the winners of the Vlerick Award are Felix Van de Maele (founder of Collibra, Belgium's first "unicorn" company) and Maarten Michielssens, CEO and founder of EnergyVision. "The Vlerick Award is a recognition for our entire team, which despite two very difficult years continues to dedicate itself to our customers and our projects, and continues to push and drag our growth story," said Maarten. "At the same time, the recognition is also personally gratifying. Without Vlerick, EnergyVision would never have seen the light of day. I’m delighted to receive this recognition from the school that taught me everything."