EnergyVision summer update (and what an update!)


We are halfway through the year...

It's summer (and what a summer: the number of solar hours is hard to keep up with) and that means we're over six months into the year 2022. Time for an interim report. In Belgium, we see the B2B market recovering slightly but still postponing decisions a lot because of the volatile environment. In the residential market in Belgium, on the other hand, we are seeing strong growth, both in Flanders (through our formula at and in Brussels (through our formula at In Morocco, we have already built more projects than in the whole of 2021, and expect annual growth of more than 150%. In China, the year started well, but since April we have seen many delays and postponements due to recurring local lockdowns. Overall, in the first six months, we have 90 MWp of solar panels built or ready for construction across the three countries. For comparison: in the whole of 2021, 92.1 MWp were built.