Brussels Expo is one of the largest solar factories in the Region.


Another new record: Brussels Expo is one of the largest solar factories in the Region.

Brussels Expo and EnergyVision inaugurated today, in the presence of Brussels mayor Philippe Close and Benoit Hellings (First Brussels Alderman for Climate), more than 11,000 solar panels that were installed on the roofs of Brussels Expo at record speed. In this way, the Brussels Region has a green calling card. More than 4.7 MWp of solar panels have been installed on the halls and palaces of Brussels Expo, with the possibility of additional roofs being fitted with solar energy.

The construction of the solar installation was a true feat in record time. In less than four weeks, the installers worked on the most complex roofs and did so in wind and weather (as well as freezing temperatures) in the depths of winter. 

  • "At a time when ecological transition is essential, solutions exist to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Our partnership with EnergyVision is an additional opportunity to contribute to the ecological transition of our operations. By making the best use of existing roofs, Brussels Expo has opted for frugality while highlighting the architectural richness of our infrastructures," Denis Delforge, CEO of Brussels Expo.
  • "After the Gare Maritime and surrounding buildings in 2020, already the Region's largest solar plant at the time, we have now built another record. All energy that cannot be used by Brussels Expo will be diverted to charging stations further afield in the city. City of Brussels is thus becoming ever greener," Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision.
  • "With these solar panels, we are further committed to modernising Brussels Expo and our infrastructure. In addition, this is also about the further development of the Belgian and Brussels economy and this while investing in renewable energy," Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels.
  • "These 11,000 solar panels will allow the City of Brussels to implement its Climate Plan in a very concrete way. Thanks to this ambitious initiative on the roofs of Brussels Expo, we are working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and the carbon neutrality of municipal buildings by 2040," Benoit Hellings, First Alderman for Climate & Sport.

See a photo report below: