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ASTER tender awarded: EnergyVision builds solar panels on more than 50,000 social housing units


We are proud to announce that the tender from ASTER, the cooperative society of the Flemish social housing sector, for the installation and maintenance of solar panels on more than 50,000 social housing units spread all over Flanders, has been awarded to EnergyVision. It is the largest solar panel project ever in Flanders: never before has so much been invested in solar energy, so many solar panels are being installed, so many roofs are being used and so many people are involved in one project. In the first phase, around 50,000 social housing units will be fitted with more than 400,000 solar panels, representing a total investment of around EUR 150 million. This can then be expanded to over one million solar panels, worth a total of 400 million euros. EnergyVision will then also maintain and monitor all the installations.

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ASTER has just announced its decision. Within two weeks, two test projects will start with about thirty homes and from September the programme will be rolled out on a large scale across Flanders: first 50 homes a week, at cruising speed even more than 400 social housing units a week. That is 400 families a week who, once the solar panels are installed, will generate an average of 3,000 kWh of green electricity on their roofs every year for 25 years. "In the Brussels region, we are already helping thousands of families to obtain cheap green electricity. We are delighted that in the coming years we will also be able to involve more than 150,000 people in more than 50,000 social housing units in Flanders in the energy transition," says Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision. "These people will immediately feel the positive impact of green, local electricity, will be better protected in times of energy crisis and will become more independent from price increases on international markets."

In order to steer such an operation in the right direction, EnergyVision will work together with various strategic partners, who are anchored in Flanders as much as possible. That is why we are also reaching out to other companies that are active in the solar panel sector.
"At cruising speed, more than 250 people will be working full time for us and our subcontractors for several years just for the ASTER project," says Michielssens. "It will require an enormous organisation of people and resources, and will also give our sector an enormous boost. We are proud and grateful that ASTER is giving us the confidence to manage this."

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