Electric driving means smart charging

100 % free charging station

You want or have an electric car, but you don't yet have a solution to charge it at home? Good news: we will come and install a charging station at your home, absolutely free, if you also order free solar panels from us. So you can charge your car whenever you want, without having to invest.

Our formula

All about your free charging station

Free is the key word at EnergyVision, so you can enjoy the energy transition without having to invest or pay for it first.

Charging at home

Battery low? With a charging station at your home, you don't have to keep charging at work or look for a public charging station.

No investment

An EnergyVision charge post is 100% free, including installation, inspection, monitoring and repair.

Smart energy control

EnergyVision is sustainable energy and lower energy bills. That is why we make sure you can also connect our charge post to your solar panels. This way, you charge in an environmentally friendly way and save money.

Solar energy and electric charging in your home

100% free solar panels and free charging station

Free solar panels on your roof and a free charging station at your home, that's two birds with one stone. That way you participate 200% in the energy transition without having to invest yourself.


Find the answer to all your questions here.

Are there certain conditions for the (free) charging point?

Own an electric car, so that a minimum of approximately 1,500 kWh per year can be purchased from the charging point and have space to place a charging point. We only pay for the placement of the console on the wall, not in the driveway and provide one hole through the wall. Civil works (digging, repairing the garden and driveways) are not at our expense.

Can I get a charging point later? Suppose I buy an electric car in the future, can I still decide to install a charging point?

For now, we can only provide a charging station at your home at the time we come to install your solar panels. 

What happens to the charging point after the contract period?

We leave the charging point in place after the term of the contract (30 years). The entire installation then becomes your property.