Lighting pole or charging station? EnergyLight is both in one!


It is not always obvious to charge electric cars in a metropolis: garages and driveways are exceptional in urban environments and even finding a spot in the street is often difficult. As a result, it is also not easy to determine which locations can accommodate charging stations. So we at EnergyDrive set out to find a creative solution, because what do you find on every street corner? Lighting poles!

EnergyLight saw the light of day

We’re upgrading the existing infrastructure by giving lighting poles an additional functionality, that is a small and smart charging point for electric cars. The concept was therefore baptised EnergyLight and is the perfect way to save precious space in the city.

How it works

To turn a lighting pole into a charging station, there are two simple options:

  1. The technology is installed inside the lighting pole
  2. The charging station is installed on the outside of the lighting pole 

Drivers can charge their cars at the lighting pole/charging station via a charging card or a regular payment terminal.

New project, new patent

Want to take a look or experience an EnergyLight charging session? Then drive to 93 Avenue Charles Thielemans in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe! By the way, this solution will not remain unique, because we have successfully marketed and patented the smart lighting pole. No doubt more of these will follow!