Another 2,000 public charging points in Brussels for EnergyDrive


EnergyDrive, EnergyVision's subsidiary focused on charging stations and charging cards, has just received confirmation that it has also been awarded the concession for the next 2,000 public charging points in the Brussels region.

In 2022, EnergyDrive already installed just under 500 public charging points, which will be operated by us for ten years. Now another 1,400 to 2,000 charging points will be added. "We build both solar panels and charging stations in the Brussels Region, and this both in people's homes, in companies and on public property. We are connecting all these roofs, poles and locations. And so we can guarantee local solutions and low prices at all times. This new series of charging points will generate several tens of thousands of additional charges this year, based on cheap, green, Brussels electricity," said Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision.

"Thanks to this new concession, every Brussels citizen will soon have a public charging station at 150m from his or her home," said Inne Mertens, CEO of Sibelga in an interview with De Tijd and L'Echo.

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