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Do you drive electric? Order an EnergyDrive charging card and charge your car at unprecedented rates with 100% green, 100% Belgian electricity. You pay a maximum of 0.25 EUR/kWh for a charge at an EnergyDrive charge point (max. 0.50 EUR/kWh at an ultra-fast charge point). Prices include VAT.

The advantages of an EnergyDrive charging card at a glance:

  • EnergyDrive charge card: temporarily 0 EUR instead of 20 EUR per year
  • Charge for up to 0.25 EUR/kWh at an EnergyDrive AC charge station
  • Charge for up to 0.50 EUR/kWh at an EnergyDrive DC ultra-fast charge point

New rates valid from 10 June 2022 (*):

Due to the current price increases in the energy markets, with prices doubling to tripling, we are forced to implement a limited rate increase. You will now pay max. 0.25 EUR/kWh on an EnergyDrive AC charging station (instead of 0.20 EUR/kWh last year) and max. 0.50 EUR/kWh (instead of 0.40 EUR/kWh last year) on an EnergyDrive DC ultra-fast charging station. 

*Tariff changes are always communicated via this website and take effect 10 days after publication.

** Customers who had subscribed to the initial rates of up to 0.20 EUR/kWh on an EnergyDrive AC charge point and up to 0.40 EUR/kWh on an EnergyDrive DC ultra-fast charge point before June 10, 2022, will continue to benefit from these prices on EnergyDrive charge points until the end of their first year of membership (the rate increase is reversed monthly via a credit).

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Free charge card from EnergyDrive

No purchase costs, no subscription fees.

The lowest charging prices in the market

Max. 0.25 EUR/kWh on an EnergyDrive AC charging station (22 KW) Max. 0.50 EUR/kWh on an EnergyDrive DC ultra-fast charging station (350 KW)

The EnergyDrive App

Find a charging station near you via our app which shows the most competitive rates.

Works throughout Europe

On non-EnergyDrive charging stations, you pay the set CPO rate + 6% commercial margin per charging session.

0 EUR investment

Temporary promo: no entry fee

We are rolling out our network of charging stations in Belgium. All our charging stations are powered by green electricity that comes from our solar panels installed in the region. Our charging stations can be found at charging stations, in people's homes and on the street. With the EnergyDrive charging card, you can charge inexpensively throughout the country. But you can also use it elsewhere in Europe at competitive rates.

You can always find a charging station nearby using our handy EnergyDrive app. Everything runs in accordance with our familiar EnergyVision formula:

no surprises.

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