The EnergyVision charge card

All our charging stations run on green electricity generated by our solar panels installed in the region. Our charging stations can be found at charging points, at people' s homes and on the street. With the EnergyVision charging card, you charge cheaply throughout the country. But you can also use it elsewhere in Europe at competitive rates. Applying for a charge card goes along with a one-off cost of 15 euros.

Apply for your EnergyVision charge card here

EnergyVision charging rates (prices incl. 21% VAT):

EnergyVision charging stations (both for fast charging and normal charging):

  • €0,35/kWh

Public EnergyVision charging points in Brussels*:

  • €0,29/kWh
  • €0,35/kWh

*Rate depending on charging point

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Non-EnergyVision charge stations**:

  • For non-EnergyVision charging points, you pay the price charged by the network operator + our 6% service charge.

**More than 90% of charging points are fully self-managed. Charging posts at locations where the energy contract is managed by a third party may have different tariffs.

The EnergyVision charging card in a nutshell

Charge card from EnergyVision

There is a one-time cost of €15.

The EnergyVision App

Find a charging station near you via our app that shows all tariffs. Download the app 

Charging throughout Europe

On charge points not owned by EnergyVision, you pay the provider's rate + 6% commercial margin per charge session.