Soon over 2,000 solar panels on the Ghelamco Arena


An environmental permit has been confirmed for over 2,000 solar panels on the Ghelamco Arena. In a first phase, over 1,100 of them will be installed on the southern flanks of the canopy. The installation will be built by EnergyVision. The installation is done by refugees who have been trained by EnergyVision.

The installation should be completed by the end of May: from then on, more than 350,000 kWh of green electricity will be produced annually from the canopy and the roof of the Ghelamco Arena. Over 95% of the power generated will be used locally, in the stadium. This represents an annual CO2 saving of over 250 tonnes.

We finance and operate the installation: the installation is built for free, KAA Gent only pays for the energy that is actually used (and this at a lower cost than its current energy price). With our brand Brusol, we are also very active in the Brussels Region and in the meantime we have a lot of expertise in the football sector: in 2020 we also installed large installations on the stands of RSCA and RWDM.

Here are a few more images: