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Smart energy solutions for smart customers

At EnergyVision, our 135 employees work hard day in, day out to put customers first. We strive for maximum energy savings, we remove all financial barriers for the customer and we never compromise on quality. We produce green energy for more than 8,000 customers. This accounts for more than 400 million kWh of green electricity a year for our customers in Belgium, China and Morocco. We take care of all the investments. Customers only pay for the electricity actually consumed, at a guaranteed lower price than their current energy rate.

Big or small, we build for all! Click on the video and witness a project from A to Z.

What are your options?

Reduce your energy consumption

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. We replace your old, energy-guzzling technologies with up-to-date solutions (such as LED lighting or other optimisations).

We want to reduce our consumption

Generate your own energy

We use the unused space on your roof to install solar panels free of charge. You generate green energy and only pay for the energy you actually use.

We want solar panels on our roof

Switch to 100% green energy

Are you based in Brussels? Switch to Brusol as your energy supplier straight away. Brusol is our local project in the Brussels Capital Region. Our promise: 100% green and 100% made in Brussels. (Are you based in Flanders? Hold tight, we’re coming your way soon!)

We want to switch to Brusol

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With EnergyVision, you benefit from an integrated energy saver.

8,000 satisfied customers have already opted for EnergyVision.


These companies have already joined forces with us worldwide

Brusol, Brussels


5,000 households, which means 70,000 solar panels.

Last month, we started up more than 120 sites in perfect safety. That brings the total to 5,000 installations since we began at the end of 2018...

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Solar irrigation in Morocco


Fully autonomous irrigation systems, powered by solar energy.

In rural Morocco, in places off the electricity grid, we have constructed customised solar panel installations of between 3 kWp and 150 kWp to...

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Pioneer Motorcycle (Shandong Province)


A 5 MWp PV-installation

Those who want to boost their image in China should buy a motorbike from the company Pioneer Motorcycle. However, both the production and the...

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Jiatai Science (Henan Province)



Already four thousand years ago, people felt the magic around the place Luoyang. Moreover, Luoyang was the capital of as many as eight Chinese...

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Yinjian Metallurgy (Hebei Province)



In view of China's ambitious 2060 climate targets, the heavily industrialised province of Hebei could use all the help it can get. You can guess...

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Haida Mould (Anhui Province)



More than 8,000 solar panels now cover the roofs of Haida Mould. The installation will generate more than 3 million kWh per year, which is a...

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