EnergyVision recognised as energy supplier in Flanders


Since 2020, EnergyVision has been active as an energy supplier in the Brussels region under the brand Brusol. We will soon be expanding our activities to Flanders. Of course, the necessary permits and certificates are required for this. This week, the VREG, the energy regulator in Flanders, confirmed our recognition as energy supplier for Flanders.

This expansion fits in with our broader plans for Flanders, which we will shortly be launching, not only in terms of energy contracts for SMEs, but also in terms of charging points and solar panels for B2C customers. Analogous to the Brusol offer for Brussels, we will soon also be offering free solar panels for families in Flanders and Wallonia. In this way, we will all be able to cope together with the expensive energy prices, starting this spring.

You can find the decision on the granting of a supply permit for electricity on the VREG website here.