PURE Pharma

The West Flemish town of Oostkamp is home to PURE Pharma nv, a design office and main contractor for pharmacy furnishings. Together with the furniture production workshops of Atelier PURE nv, they provide total concepts for pharmacies in Belgium and France.

PURE Pharma's interior architects, engineers and furniture makers are continuously working on the design and realisation of dozens of pharmacies. Because sustainability is an important aspect in this sector, the company’s management came knocking on EnergyVision's door for a brand-new solar installation.

• It costs PURE Pharma absolutely nothing, because our solar panels are 100% free for all our customers. This way, the company produces green electricity without having to invest in an installation with own resources.
• Dozens of solar panels are glittering on the roof, together accounting for a capacity 124.64 kWp and a production of 106 MWh.
• PURE Pharma is guaranteed to save on its energy bill with an beneficial rate that is fixed for the next 15 years.


PURE Pharma


Lieverstedestraat 23, 8020 Oostkamp





Roof surface


PURE Pharma's roof

One word : white glove service, from first contact to delivery and commissioning. Exemplary for the sector.

Angelo Vanhaelewyn
Director of PURE Pharma