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100% green and 100% local.

Soon we take you along in the sustainable energy transition. 
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Smart energy and charging solutions for smart customers

Making green energy accessible and affordable for everyone, that's our mission. Want solar panels and/or a charging station without having to dig deep into your wallet to do so? With us, you get them for free. Yes, really. We also give you energy at a competitive rate, because at EnergyVision, sustainability and budget-friendliness go hand in hand.

Make energy a concern of the past

Do you want to stop worrying about way too high energy costs? Then you're in the right place with EnergyVision. Based on your energy consumption and your home, we'll calculate how many solar panels you need and design your installation. Do you like it? Then we will come and install your solar panels. And all 100% free of charge.

✔ No own investment

✔ Guaranteed savings on your energy bill

✔ Risk-free and worry-free

Why EnergyVision?

Did we mention that our solar panels are free? That we come and install them on your roof for free?

Yes, we are proud that this is how we can let you participate in the energy transition and reduce your energy bill, without you having to invest yourself.

Of course, that's not all, we'd like to give you a few more reasons to choose EnergyVision.


Since 2014, we have built more than 20,500 installations generating 825 million kWh.


Our organisation is ISO9001:2015 and VCA** certified and we only work with the best materials.


No investment, guaranteed savings on your energy bill and we take care of everything.


We are a fast-growing company with solid financial figures and hundreds of employees who are there for you day in, day out.

Customer Experience

You are central. We accompany you from A to Z and follow your installation closely, even after it is already on your roof. Are you less than 100% satisfied and not getting a hearing? Then send a message directly to our CEO: Because with us, customer satisfaction is everyone's priority.


With our sustainable installations, we create a major social impact. This is partly why EnergyVision was named Belgium's Most Sustainable Company by Trends. We pay no dividends and are a 100% Belgian company.

Did you know that...

Our solar panels and charging stations are completely free?

Read how we make this possible here

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