KAA Gent

There are 2,000 solar panels on the Ghelamco Arena. In a first phase, over 1,100 of them were installed on the southern flanks of the canopy.
From now on, over 390,000 kWh of green electricity will be produced annually from the canopy and roof of the Ghelamco Arena. Over 95% of the power generated will be used locally, in the stadium. That is good for an annual CO2 saving of just under 300 tonnes.


Koninklijke Atletiek Associatie Gent


Ghelamco Arena, Gent




390 000

Roof surface

1,000 to 10,000 m²

See what happened to the client’s roof

"For the club, the PV project is the locomotive for a hopefully ever-longer train, in view of continuing our 3D project (sustainability, digital and data-driven) that we want to further shape within the next few years in a diverse number of areas."

Dirk Piens
Chief of Organisation & Infrastructure

The project as seen from above

Thank you for your confidence in us, KAA Gent!