Business centre Dionysius, Ghent

EnergyDrive's second charging station is located just off the E40 motorway, next to the KBC tower! There are 4 public charging stations (8 charging points) in the car park of EnergyVision's Ghent office. In addition, several car parks belonging to other companies have been equipped with their own EnergyDrive charging station. Soon there will also be 2 ultra-fast charging stations available. Passers-by on the E40 will thus be able to charge their cars in no time at all.
The public charging stations are marked with the recognisable green parking markings and the signs marked in Dutch "Publieke laadplaats". The green energy from these charging stations is generated by the solar panels installed at the EnergyVision office.
A stone's throw from the charging stations is the EnergyDrive shelter. There you can drink a coffee during a charge and make use of the WIFI.
Of course, our team also makes use of these EnergyDrive charging stations. We aim to have our staff come to you in the greenest way possible. See you soon?


EnergyVision NV


Ghent, Belgium

Charging points