Free solar panels and charging point for Belgian families.

EnergyHome installs your solar panels. 100% free of charge

With our EnergyHome offer, we ensure an immediate reduction of your electricity bill.

You pay nothing for the solar panels and a maximum of 0.25 EUR/kWh for the solar power you consume from us.

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    EnergyVision invests in your energy savings.

    Already installed for more than 5,000 Belgian families.

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    1. EnergyVision covers the entire investment (you pay nothing).
    2. EnergyVision installs the solar panels with its own teams.
    3. EnergyVision pays for the insurance, the maintenance and the replacement of all parts during 25 years.
    4. EnergyVision takes care of all administration and contacts with all possible parties.
    5. You can save worry-free from day one.

    EnergyHome installs your free solar panels! How is that possible?

    EnergyVision invests in your solar panels and only bills you for the power you actually need, at a fixed price, for up to 25 years.

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    Green and cheap energy in 5 steps:

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    Roof analysis

    Within a week, our technical experts use satellite images to determine whether we can install solar panels on your roof.

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    Explanation & site visit

    You will receive all explanations from us immediately afterwards via a webinar, telephone call or home visit.

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    After signing our contract, we will submit a construction file to you within a week.

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    We can come and build at your home within two weeks. This is followed by an AREI inspection and a replacement of your meter, but in the meantime you can start saving.

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    An energy solution for every region


    More than 5,000 Brussels households have already benefited from 100% free solar panels.

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    Now our offer is also open to Flanders. Discover all the advantages below.

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    Please be patient, the regulatory framework is still a while away.

    Feel free to register so that you are definitely on the waiting list.

    Questions about the EnergyHome solution?

    On our extensive FAQ page you will immediately find the answer to your question.

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    EnergyHome, that's a win-win.

    Your family:

    • Is no longer at the mercy of the constant price increases on the international energy market.
    • Does not pay anything for the installation of the solar panels or the charging point.
    • Enjoy all the auto-consumption (that is all the energy from the solar panels that you use when the sun shines) at a price of 0.25 EUR/kWh incl. VAT that is fixed for 25 years (no price increase whatsoever!).
    • No more searching for public charging stations or standing in traffic. You can charge in peace at home.

    We (EnergyVision):

    • Pay for the installation and all associated costs for 25 years.
    • Recover our investment by remunerating 0.25 EUR/kWh incl. VAT for 25 years.
    • Inject the power you don't need into the grid (this is the energy that is not part of your auto-consumption).

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    Your savings through EnergyHome

    The price of energy keeps rising, and it doesn't look like the next few years will be any cheaper. Soon, petrol and diesel cars will disappear and we will all drive electric. Without structural adjustments, the energy bill will not go down.

    For the average energy consumption of a Belgian family (3,500 kWh per year for 2 adults and 2 children), you pay 1,559,12 EUR today when you have no solar panels (source: the most recent figures from the CREG, see here, which show that a Flemish family pays an average of 0.4455 EUR per kWh today). This does not even take into account the sharp increase in your consumption when you need to charge an electric car, which means an extra 3,000 kWh per year on average. Your annual bill will therefore almost double!

    By choosing EnergyHome, you not only save on the purchase of solar panels and a charging point, but you also benefit enormously on your bill. With our solution you save between 20 and 35% (*) compared to your current electricity bill, for 25 years, and that without any investment or risk.

    (*) Simulation based on an installation of 15 solar panels.

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