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With EnergyVision, you get as much security as possible through a combination of fixed and variable tariffs. This way, you cover your energy bill up to 70% against price fluctuations.

Our power is 100% renewable and 100% locally produced.

How is our unique energy formula built?

To protect you from surprises and price rises in a fast-changing world, our formula is a mix of fixed and variable rate, and local and grid power, with long-term commitments. Our formula consists of 3 components:

1000 kWh fix.  Through the net - 10 years fixed 

  • You get 1,000 kWh each year at a low, fixed rate. This tariff is fixed for 10 years.
  • We supply renewable energy that we get from our own plants and deliver it to you through the grid.

Free solar panels. Local power - 30 years fixed

  • We put solar panels on your roof for free. You only pay for the electricity you consume (€0,20/kWh).
  • The rate is fixed for 30 years.
  • The energy does not pass through the grid, so you avoid distribution costs, taxes, duties and charges!

Extra energy. Via the net - monthly variable

  • Do you need additional energy, on top of the 1,000 kWh and solar energy from on your roof? You get these at a variable rate that changes every month. If the price goes up, you will only feel this to a limited extent (only for this component). If the price goes down, your price goes down too. 

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Long-term protection against price fluctuations: 
An example

Depending on your consumption, your energy bill will be more or less protected against price fluctuations. We stand for democratisation: the smaller your consumption, the more we guarantee you long-term protection.

  • If you live in a castle, then we will only record 1% of your bill for a long time.
  • If you have a small consumption, then you can record 70 to even 100% of your bill for years.

By way of example, let's take the consumption of an average family in Flanders: 3.500 kWh/year. More than 70% of that bill we commit for years. That looks like this:

1.000 kWh fix

  • Your first 1.000 kWh fix 
  • You pay a fixed rate of 0,293 EUR/kWh (all-in price)
  • This part will cost you €293 a year

The energy rate of this component is fixed for 10 years.


Free solar panels

  • We place solar panels on your roof for free
  • Around 1.500 kWh you will be able to use at home
  • We charge a fixed rate of EUR 0.20/kWh (all-in price)
  • You pay EUR 300 per year

This rate is fixed for 30 years.


Variable for extra energy

  • 2.500 kWh is long-term covered. The remaining 1,000 kWh is variable
  • Currently at a rate of 0.327 EUR/kWh ( changes frequently)
  • You pay 327 euros per year

This rate changes every month. So only this part is subject to change. The rest is fixed for 10 to 30 years.


When can you apply for an energy contract?

  • You live in Flanders
  • You own the property in which you stay
  • You don't have solar panels yet and want to have them installed from EnergyVision
  • You want to make a smart energy switch and go for 100% sustainable

Do you live in a flat or are you a tenant or already have solar panels? Then register on our waiting list, as we will soon come up with an offer especially for you! 

Do you not live in Flanders, but still want green energy from EnergyVision? Then click below. As soon as our green energy is also available in Brussels or Wallonia, we will contact you.

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