EnergyDrive, let's charge Belgium

Soon it will be over and done with diesel cars. Belgium will be 100% electric. With EnergyDrive, you are in the front row. We install free charging stations at companies. And if you drive electric yourself, you can enjoy unprecedented rates and 100% green, 100% local electricity via our charging cards.

Which solution are you looking for?

1/ You own a business and are looking for free charging stations or a complete charging station. You have come to the right place at EnergyDrive.

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2/ You drive an electric car? Order an EnergyDrive charging card and charge your car at unprecedented rates with 100% green, 100% Belgian electricity. You pay a maximum of 0.20 EUR/kWh for a charge at an EnergyDrive charge point (max. 0.40 EUR/kWh at an ultra-fast charge point).

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