So why do companies choose EnergyVision?

EnergyVision is currently the market leader in the solar energy sector in Flanders and Brussels. Not because it’s the cheapest, but because it has the best overall offer. Don’t take our word for it. Ask our 15,000 customers!

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These are the main reasons why they chose EnergyVision as their partner in renewable energy:

1. Expertise

EnergyVision has already built more than 18,500 projects, totalling over 680 MWp of solar panels. We build with our own teams for our industrial customers in Belgium, China and Morocco. In Brussels, we are active on the residential market with our Brusol formula and we are the builder of SolarClick (programme of grid manager Sibelga and the Brussels government), where we provide fifty government buildings with solar panels. In Flanders, we install solar panels within the ASTER tender on more than 50,000 social housing properties.

We always work with highly experienced professionals.

2. Stability

EnergyVision has 225 employees in 5 offices. The group's consolidated annual turnover in 2022 was 117 million euros. Our financials are rock solid. We are an international company that is 100% Belgian owned. Our management team has many years of experience in industry. We have an extensive Board of Directors with strong, independent members and a good gender mix.

You can count on us, in good times and bad.

3. Quality

All EnergyVision offices are ISO9001:2015-certified and also a VCA** certificate. We have an integrated quality management system with very thorough processes. Our staff have VCA and RESCERT certificates. We are a member of PV Cycle. We only work with tier 1 materials and the latest technologies (e.g. Mono PERC instead of poly or mono).

You won’t have any unpleasant surprises when working with us.

4. Customer experience

We take care of everything for our customers, from A to Z. We work 100% transparently and communicate proactively. We are close at hand and adapt to your wishes. If you only want us to work during the day, or only at night, or only at the weekend, everything is negotiable. During the construction works, we keep you informed on a daily basis with our site log. A site and project manager will be in touch with you from start to finish to keep everything on the right track. Once the project has been completed, you will have a permanent contact person for after-sales service and interventions. Our staff have a genuine passion for our customers.

You take centre stage in everything we do.

5. Leave it to us, from A to Z

We have the knowledge, the people, the resources and the materials to take away all your worries: in-house design and development, construction by our own teams and full financing of your project, sometimes for up to 30 years. Maintenance contracts with guaranteed interventions within 24 hours. More than one million euros in spare parts available from stock at any given time. And far-reaching guarantees for specific packages: if you don't save, we'll pay you for the missed kWh. We provide a high-quality, high-performance installation down to the smallest detail. That is what we do best. That allows you to concentrate on what you do best - your business.

We are not the cheapest, but we do have the most comprehensive offer. And we will be proud to work for you and with you!

With EnergyVision, you benefit from an integrated energy saver.

Already 15,000 satisfied customers chose EnergyVision.

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