Our references

EnergyVision @ Xuhe China
10 December 2018

Xuhe, Fujian

3 MWp of solar panels which form the roof as well as generating electricity.
EnergyVision @ Zexi China
7 December 2018

Zexi, Shijiazhuang

A 4 MWp PV installation in north-eastern China, built in just 1.5 months.
EnergyVision @ Hongcheng China
5 December 2018

Hongcheng, Hebei

A 1.2 MWp PV installation at a steel factory in the province of Hebei (China).
28 November 2018

Silver Food, Berrechid

A PV installation of over 1 MWp on the roof and in the grounds of Morocco's largest fish factory. The project was inaugurated by Princess Astrid and Minister-President Geert Bourgeois,…
EnergyVision @ Des Arts et Métiers Belgium
17 October 2018

Institute Des Arts et Métiers

The eighth Solarclick project for Sibelga: 103 kWp on the roof of the Institute Des Arts et Métiers in Brussels.
EnergyVision @ complex sportif Belgium
5 October 2018

Sports Complex, Sint-Agatha-Berchem

The seventh Solarclick project for Sibelga: 185 kWp on the roof of the Sports complex, Sint-Agatha-Berchem.
EnergyVision @ defreyne Belgium
25 September 2018

Houtbouw Defreyne, Ardooie

A 233 kWp relocation project which involved moving panels from Limburg to Ardooie in West Flanders.
EnergyVision @ Marronniers Belgium
31 August 2018

School Les Marronniers, Oudergem

The fifth Solarclick project for Sibelga: 47 kWp on the roof of the school Les Marronniers in Oudergem.
EnergyVision @ Hengjiang China
28 August 2018

Shijiazhuang Hengjiang, Hengjiang

1.6 MWp, over 1.7 million kWh produced per year.
17 August 2018

Solar irrigation, Morocco

Fully autonomous irrigation systems, powered by solar energy.
EnergyVision @ velleman Belgium
9 August 2018

Velleman, Gavere

LED relighting of various departments at the electronics wholesaler and developer Velleman. Reduction of 385,000 kWh per year.
EnergyVision @ Beyseghem Brussel Belgium
8 August 2018

Secondary school, Brussels (NOH)

The fourth Solarclick project for Sibelga: 176.61 kWp on the roof of the Des Pagodes School in Brussels.
22 July 2018

Solar lighting, Morocco

Completely autonomous outdoor lighting, controlled by a small solar panel and/or wind turbine.
EnergyVision @ tveer Belgium
17 July 2018

’t Veer, Menen

LED lighting of various departments at the sheltered workplace ’t Veer. Reduction of 45,000 kWh per year.
5 July 2018

Les Eglantines Residence, Brussels

The third Solarclick project for Sibelga: 237.51 kWp on the roof of Les Eglantines Residence.
EnergyVision @ Dionysius, Sint-Denijs-Westrem Belgium
1 July 2018

Business centre Dionysius, Sint-Denijs-Westrem

Around 50 kWp of PV + LED relighting for the business centre.
EnergyVision @ milliken Belgium
1 July 2018

Milliken, Ghent

Installation of LED relighting in various zones, implemented in phases.
26 June 2018

Jan-van-Ruusbroeckollege, Brussels

A 199.2 kWp PV installation in the heart of Brussels, generating 170,000 kWh per year.
22 June 2018

Nereus swimming pool, Brussels

The second Solarclick project for Sibelga: 133 kWp on the roof of Nereus swimming pool in Brussels.
22 May 2018

JISI, Chenzhou

A 1.5 MWp PV installation in the south of China, generating 1.8 million kWh annually.
15 May 2018

Bloemendal, Brussels

The first Solarclick project for Sibelga: 111 kWp on the roof of Bloemendal, Brussels.
30 April 2018

Holiday Inn, Tianjin

Complete LED relighting in phases. Saves this international hotel in Tianjin a good 200,000 RMB per year.
20 March 2018

Flexpack, Puurs

A 355 kWp PV installation in east-west configuration (commissioned in March 2018), generating more than 300,000 kWh per year.
15 February 2018

Bekaert Deslee, Wuxi

64 LED highbay light fittings instead of old mercury vapour lamps; a relighting that brings annual savings of over 150,000 kWh.
10 February 2018

Ucamco, Ghent

A 117 kWp PV installation, generating 109,000 kWh per year.
22 January 2018

Flegado, Puurs

A 40 kWp PV installation which needed to be moved a few miles.
27 December 2017

Motech, Jinzhou

A 1.9 MWp PV installation in the north of China, generating over 2 million kWh per year.
EnergyVision @ zonnehoeve Belgium
15 November 2017

Zonnehoeve, Eke

LED relighting of various departments at the sheltered workplace Zonnehoeve.
The Netherlands
20 June 2017

Ecophos, Vlaardingen

1,191 LED lamps, saving over 700,000 kWh per year in the Port of Rotterdam.
24 May 2017

Cortina, Dongguan

A relighting project using 6,370 LED lamps, which allow Cortina to save 616,967 kWh per year.
12 February 2017

University, Fez

A 320 kWp PV installation (partly installed on a carport) AND a complete LED relighting, which turn Fez University into the greenest university in Morocco.
24 November 2016

Picanol, Suzhou

180m² ProFilm and 294m² Liquisol, generating an annual saving of 65,000 kWh.
24 June 2016

Airbus, Beijing

2,000m² ProFilm, realising an annual saving of 275,559 kWh.