RSCA stadium, Anderlecht

Thanks to its Brusol makeover, the legendary RSCA will become the greenest football club in the Benelux region. After starting off with a small-scale project in Neerpede in 2019, the RSCA has now gone all the way: nearly 3,000 solar panels on the Lotto Park stands and another 600 panels in Neerpede, where the RSCA youth team is based. The panels have a joint capacity of 1.1 MWp, which equals almost 1 million kWh of green electricity per year! No other professional club can currently compete with that.


RSC Anderlecht football club





Roof surface

More than 10.000 m²

See what happened to the client’s roof

"A football club has significant influence on society. The RSCA wants to use that influence for good. This project, which was built by refugees and the locals of Anderlecht, is all about community involvement and sustainability. It really exemplifies the role our club wants to play in society."

Jos Donvil

The project as seen from above

Thank you for your confidence in us, RSCA!