Etterbeek City hall, Brussels

This installation is the thirty-third of around fifty projects that EnergyVision has delivered for Sibelga, the distribution network operator of the Brussels Capital Region. All of them are part of SolarClick, a Brussels government programme run by Sibelga in an effort to meet the environment goals in Brussels ( SolarClick is closely monitored, not just by Sibelga and local politicians, but also by ‘Brussels Environment’ and the Brussels Minister of Energy, Céline Fremault.
This installation, on top of the roof of the Etterbeek City hall, will generate a good 25.733 kWh. EnergyVision constructed the 31,96 kWp installation and will maintain the site for ten years.


Sibelga (distribution network operator)


Etterbeek, Brussels





Roof surface

0 to 1,000 m²

See what happened to the client’s roof

"Governments often feel powerless when they see their energy bill. Solarclick changes that. It gives public bodies in the Region and the Brussels local authorities a simple solution that enables them to benefit from clean, sustainable and free energy. This improves life for everyone in Brussels."

Céline Fremault
Minister of Energy in Brussels

Thank you for your confidence in us, Etterbeek!