We are already at the end of another year, and what a year


We are already at the end of another year, and what a year ⚡.
Socially, a year with war in Europe, with huge energy prices, with the aftermath of covid, with a lot of social inequality.
For EnergyVision as a company, a year in which we were able to help more people than ever.
A year in which an awful lot happened.
Early this year the Prime Minister came by for a visit, by the end of the year he was already on the roof with our teams for an installation.
At the beginning of this year we were happy when a B2B customer signed for 200 solar panels, at the end of this year we are building the biggest project in Brussels, with more than 11,000 solar panels on one site.
At the beginning of this year we were happy if we could say "there are a hundred waiting for you" at Brusol, today more than 1,000 families are waiting for solar panels.
At the beginning of this year, EnergyDrive was still an idea, today a reality.
Early this year we were 120, today 190 employees.
Last year we built 92 MWp of solar panels. This year 166 MWp. 
Last year we built 320,000 solar panels. This year more than 550,000 solar panels.
Last year we helped less than 2,000 families. This year more than 3,000 families.
Last year we installed 20 charging points. This year we have more than 800 charging points.
Next year will also see many changes.
We are going to install solar panels in Wallonia.
EnergyDrive is going to grow tremendously.
Brusol is getting a paid model.
EnergyHome is going to scale.
ASTER is coming up to cruising speed.
Dozens and dozens of people are coming.
So we are bracing ourselves for a challenging 2023. Our ever-growing team is ready. But first, EnergyVision is taking a week off. 
On 2 January, we will be back for you.

First we raise our glasses, to your health, to your future, to your dreams. Many thanks for your trust! 🎄 🍾

Team EnergyVision