Generate your own energy

Lowering your energy price with our solar panels

Energy costs money, a lot of money. And the costs keep rising, year after year. It’s time to break the cycle. At our own expense and risk, we install a photovoltaic system – solar panels – on your roof. They generate electricity all year round. You can use as much of this electricity as you want, at a lower fixed rate than your current energy rate. As a result, you are protected against annual price increases. You only pay for the power you actually use. We inject the residual power into the grid. In this way, we earn back our investment in the longer term, and you will save money from day one.

We arrange everything from A to Z

Step 1: We examine your energy profile and contact the grid operator

We carry out a feasibility study at our own expense: is your consumption constant? Do your energy peaks occur during the summer (when there is a lot of sun) or more during the winter (when the installation will not produce as much energy)? What about your low-voltage panels or the AC part of your infrastructure?

The grid operator will carry out a grid study at our own expense, providing independent advice. This immediately makes it clear what work on your infrastructure may be required.

Step 2: We examine the possibilities of your roof

We carry out a stability study at our own expense. An independent consultancy firm will calculate the load-bearing capacity of the roof, showing what is technically feasible.

Step 3: We sort out every detail of your solar panel installation.

Are the results of the feasibility study, grid study and stability study positive? That’s a green light! We organise everything for you: all the red tape, installation of the panels on the roof, the financing of the entire project, insurance, commissioning and even maintenance and monitoring afterwards.

Step 4: We give you a better energy price than your current supplier

You only pay for the power which you actually use. We inject the residual power into the grid. For the power you consume, you pay a price which is guaranteed to be lower than your current price per kWh. And there’s more: this price is fixed for the entire duration. As a result, you know exactly what your energy costs will be for the next 15 years. You’ll be protected against price increases for the entire time.

Step 5: What happens afterwards?

That’s entirely up to you. We can remove the installation from your roof at our own expense. Or you can take over the installation for the symbolic sum of one euro: that means you can enjoy free power for at least another ten years.

With EnergyVision, you benefit from an integrated energy saver.

11,000 satisfied customers have already opted for EnergyVision.



Our proposal in a nutshell

No major investment in solar panels required

Pay a lower energy price per kWh, with no risk or obligations!

Benefit from a fixed energy price for 15 years

The highest-quality solar panels

We don’t do small print, ambiguities or nasty surprises. We install solar panels on your roof at our own expense. We then sell the power to you. As a result, we will only earn back our investment if we can generate a lot of power. That’s why we look for the very best solar panels.

EnergyVision is currently the largest Belgian solar panel player on the market. We build hundreds of energy projects each year, including 15 projects every year on government buildings in our capital city, Brussels. We monitor the yields of all our installations. Our projects generate over 332 million kWh of green power every year. We have framework agreements with the biggest suppliers in the world, allowing us to offer top quality without compromise and at keen prices. After all, the higher the quality, the more electricity the installation will produce.

And the more electricity you buy, the more money you will save. And the faster we will recoup our investment. We promise to keep the installation in perfect working order. This means you can sleep soundly at night: only the best is good enough for your roof!

The result

Enjoy a fixed, cheaper energy price with no worries. We take care of the insurance and maintenance and bear any costs involved. It's the perfect way to prepare for tomorrow's green economy without headaches.

Looking for a different energy solution?

Reduce your energy consumption

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. We replace your old, energy-guzzling technologies with up-to-date solutions (such as LED lighting or other optimisations)

We want to reduce our consumption

Switch to 100% green energy

Are you based in Brussels? Switch to Brusol as your energy supplier straight away. Brusol is our local project in the Brussels Capital Region. Our promise: 100% green and 100% made in Brussels. (Are you based in Flanders? Hold tight, we’re coming your way soon!)

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