EnergyVision/Brusol rolls out network of thousand charging points in the Brussels-Capital region


JETTE - Since the summer of 2018, EnergyVision has installed free solar panels for more than 3,500 families and SMEs in Brussels under the Brusol brand. Since 2020, Brusol has also been selling 100% green, 100% made in Brussels energy, but along with moving to new headquarters in Jette, Brusol is now launching itself into electric mobility. In the coming months, it will install a thousand charging points in the Brussels-Capital Region, customers will be able to drive electric shared cars for free, and all Brussels residents will be able to participate in the energy transition via crowdlending. The fast chargers installed by Brusol at its headquarters – NB: the two fastest charging stations in the Region - charge cars in less than ten minutes. Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Peteghem, Brussels Finance Minister Sven Gatz and State Secretary Barbara Trachte attended the kick off yesterday.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Peteghem brought together the key players in energy transition at Brusol's new headquarters (EnergyVision). Brusol's homecoming in Jette was celebrated, and the fastest charging stations in the Region were also inaugurated: once the Brusol fast chargers (350 KW) are operational (expected in early October), an electric car can be charged in less than ten minutes. The two quick chargers are the showpieces of a complete charging station square with around twenty charging stations. All the poles run on green, made in Brussels energy.

During a roundtable discussion, Van Peteghem stressed the importance of (semi-) public charging stations to enable electric mobility in the future. Among those present at the table were Raphaël Lefere (CEO of network operator Sibelga), Sven Gatz (Brussels Minister for the Budget) and Barbara Trachte (State Secretary for Economic Transition).

Barbara Trachte reiterated the importance of semi-public and off-street charging stations in the strategic vision of Brussels. In addition, Trachte underlined the importance of initiatives by players such as Brusol and welcomed the acceleration of the installation of charging stations in Brussels

Free charging stations

Brusol follows the logic of semi-public charging stations and is rolling out a network of charging stations according to the same formula as it previously did with solar panels: 100% free installation, in exchange for operation. There is no government support, subsidy or green energy certificate involved. It goes like this: Brusol installs charging stations at its clients' car parks, both these clients and external drivers can charge their cars at fixed prices, and all the electricity used will be 100% green and 100% Brussels. Brusol applies fixed maximum prices: 0.20 EUR/kWh at the ordinary charging stations, 0.40 EUR/kWh at the ultra-fast chargers.

Alain Maron was absent last minute due to a crisis meeting about the Covid situation in Brussels, but followed the event closely. "Supporting less polluting vehicles is a powerful lever that the Region must use to make our air cleaner and meet our climate targets. For this reason, we have set the ambitious target of installing 11,000 publicly accessible charging points in our city by 2035, this in addition to private charging points. To meet this target, the installation of semi-public and off-street charging stations will be crucial. In order to achieve this, we will need to work closely with all relevant actors and establish a clear legislative framework. I welcome this initiative by Brusol, which shows that our efforts are paying off," said Minister Alain Maron.

Raphaël Lefere, CEO of Sibelga, was enthusiastic as well. Lefere : "Sibelga, as network operator, is involved in electric mobility and welcomes Brusol Mobility's ambition to install charging stations. This is a great initiative that will help accelerate the breakthrough of electric vehicles whilst also ensuring that Brussels becomes an example of successful energy transition."

In the group photo in front: Barbara Trachte (Secretary of State for Economic Transition- Brussels Capital Region), Maarten Michielssens (Group CEO  - EnergyVision), Vincent Van Peteghem (Minister of Finance - Belgium), Sven Gatz (Minister of Finance & Budget – Brussels Capital Region)
In the group photo on the left from back to front: Maqsud Bilal – (Chairman of the Board – EnergyVision), Karel De Gucht (Non-Executive Director - EnergyVision), Ivan Vertenten (CEO - Belfius Lease), Raphaël Lefere (CEO - Sibelga), Hassan Mourhit (CEO EnergyVision Morocco & Co-founder EnergyVision).
In the group photo on the right from front to back: Meghan Richil (Brusol Manager - EnergyVision), Karel Vanderputte (SME & Funded Solutions - Credendo), Didier Beauvois (Head of Corporate Banking - BNP Paribas Fortis), Eva Wirtz (Head of Business Banking  - Triodos), Franc Bogovic (Deputy CEO  - Finance & Invest Brussels).

Free shared cars

Brusol also provides its four thousand customers with free electric shared cars. In this way, we are involving more people in the transition to green mobility.

"Supporting innovative economic models that take our planet into account is one of the anchor points of the economic policy that the Government of Brussels wants to implement. Facilitating the production of green energy in the private sector or contributing to the decarbonization of our mobility are among our priorities. I am pleased that an instrument like the Proxi loan, which mobilizes citizens' savings, can be used to achieve these objectives," said Barbara Trachte.

Meghan Richil, Brusol Manager: "When I co-launched Brusol in 2018, we had barely installed solar panels in Belgium. Back then, it was a distant dream to be able to serve four hundred customers. Today, we  almost have four thousand customers, and it's just the beginning."

Families make money

Finally, Brusol also launched the "Brusol Connect" platform. Here, Brussels residents can co-invest, at a fixed return rate of 4.86% per year, in the energy transition in the Region, via "I am pleased to see that Brusol Connect is participating in the proxy loans that the Brussels Region has set up for private individuals who live in the Region and want to invest their savings in a Brussels company. A proxy loan from the Brussels-Capital Region is advantageous for those who subscribe: your savings can give you an interesting return because of the tax advantage. Moreover, it helps to achieve the climate objectives," says Brussels Minister of Finance Sven Gatz.

Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision/Brusol, concludes: "Every year new customers join the Brusol story, and every year we can add extra layers to our model. What started with free solar panels has today grown into a complete story of energy and mobility "as a service". And the best part is: like in everything we do, people are the center point of our story. Like this, we can include everyone in energy transition. Because we are firmly convinced: energy transition is a great opportunity for everyone, not a threat," says Michielssens.