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Pierre Marcolini, Brussels


A 99.4 kWp solar panel installation (approx. 250 panels)

Pierre Marcolini is a renowned brand in the world of haute chocolaterie. We offered the chocolatier a total solution: new roofing underlayment...

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Wilgelover, Evere


Wilgelover’s roof already sported solar panels, but those had to be removed following thorough renovation of the roof, its smoke vents and...

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Mary Co., Ltd., Brussels


116.92 kWp of solar panels, producing more than 100,000 kWh of green energy per year

Chocolatier Mary is a renowned brand in the world of haute chocolaterie. These past few years, the company had already been looking into ways to...

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Ideal Felt, Haren


A 188 kWp solar panel installation facing east-west

Back in the day, felt specialist Ideal Felt helped pioneer green energy in the Brussels Capital Region. They also pay a great deal of attention...

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Pääoma Invest, Haren


An 86.58 kWp solar panel installation, to produce 80,000 kWh green energy per year.

The organic artisan bakery Le BonPain has been a household name in Brussels since 1976. Using natural ingredients has been standard practice for...

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Brico Birmingham, Anderlecht


More than 120 kWp, from nearly 400 solar panels installed on sloping roofs

This DIY store for professionals had been looking for a green energy solution for a very long time. After some initial roof alterations and...

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