EnergyVision Annual Report 2020


Dear relation,

It is with deep gratitude that we present our 2020 Annual Report. 
After a brilliant 2019, we, at EnergyVision, looked to the future with hope and optimism. And then came 2020 and came Corona. So much has happened. Nothing has changed. And at the same time, everything changed. 

But we kept on growing. We launched new initiatives and projects, we emerged from the crisis strengthened and united. The results speak for themselves: our turnover increased by over 70%, our EBITDA by over 85%, our net profit by over 40%. We welcomed 21 new employees. It was the sixth year in our history and also the sixth consecutive year of growth. Between the end of 2014 and the end of 2020, we have thus strengthened the group's equity from EUR 6,200 to over EUR 33 million (including an after-tax profit of EUR 13.48 million in 2020).

The growth continues in 2021. We are currently starting over 40 construction sites a week in Brussels alone. In China, we’ve built more projects in the first 3 months of 2021 than in the first 3 quarters of 2020 combined. After completing our projects on the football stadiums of RSC Anderlecht and RWD Molenbeek, we are currently making the Ghelamco Arena of AA Gent sustainable with solar panels. Soon we will be launching a network of charging stations (powered by 100% green energy) and electric share cars for our customers. And there are still some very nice projects in the pipeline. All this is only possible thanks to our customers, our partners and above all our fantastic employees. They are the best in the world.

You can read our "Annual Report 2020" via this link.

We hope you enjoy reading it, we wish you good luck with what we hope will be the final stretch during the, hopefully, last stage of this strange period, and a summer full of opportunities and optimism!


Maarten Michielssens
GROUP CEO EnergyVision