A Case Study: Relighting in a Factory

The Situation?

A factory full of high-vapor mercury lamps. High power, heavy consumption and very low light levels.

The Problem:

€œWe installed our light infrastructure in 1993. Low light intensity, bad light comfort and every week, a few lamps break down. The energy consumption is quite high: 30% of our electricity bill goes to lighting!”

Finance Case Study: Relighting

The Solution:

High-bay LEDs (130W). We reduce the power needed for lighting by 71% while increasing the light intensity by 15%! Nice light spread, great color temperature and a sustainable solution. We reduce the yearly consumption from 1,971,000 kWh to 569,000 kWh and the customer doesn’€™t pay a dime upfront!


The Bare Figures: Project Financing

Project Financing Table