Here at EnergyVision, we have several financial options available for our customers to choose from:

Option 1:

Project Financing

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Option 2:

Supplier Credit

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Option 3:

Leasing Formula

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How it works:

The Process

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In short, our formula for project financing is based on EnergyVision absorbing the investment and sharing the savings with you. The formulas are ESCO based, but customized according to your project. They are often accompanied by financial guarantees (you know upfront the return that your project will generate).

It is backed up by private equity funds and governmental warranties coming from the European continent and as a result, allows for off-balance solutions over a longer period of time.

This formula is interesting for big consumers (>1,000,000 kWh per year) with high credit profiles.

Why choose this?

  • ESCO Based Formulas

  • EU Private Equity/Governmental Warranty Backed

  • Suited to Large Customers with High Credit Profiles


An alternative is for us to provide you with supplier credit – this allows you to receive the goods immediately but only pay us over time. This formula is backed by governmental warranties from Europe and is designed according to OECD regulations.

Once we accept your credit profile and you make a 15% down payment, both parties enter into a credit agreement that can last up to five years and is paid back through quarterly instalments over time.

This formula is available for 1 to 5 year agreements and starts from investments of $100,000 USD+.

Why choose this?

  • Receive Goods Now, Pay Later

  • OECD Regulation Compliant

  • Low Downpayment with Quarterly Instalments

  • Suitable for Small Investments


With our assistance, you enter into a financial leasing formula which we can provide with our partners in Mainland China or Hong Kong. The formula allows you to pay your project investment back over a certain period of time.

This formula starts from investments of $1,500,000 USD+.

Why choose this?

  • Receive Goods Now, Pay Later

  • Flexible Payment Period

  • Suitable for Large Investments

The Process: How It Works

Step 1: Meeting & Proposal

A specialized engineer from EnergyVision comes to your company and examines your building (or in case of new building: your plan). We take into account your building parameters, your wishes and specific needs. Based on this information, we go to work and make you a detailed savings proposal (including insight pertaining to your current real energy usage).

Step 2: Detailed Offer & Plan

Would you like to proceed based on our savings proposal? Great! We integrate state-of-the-art technology in your design following a validated study. Together, we make a final plan. We check your financial background and if acceptable, we customise the financial formula to your specific needs and wishes.

Step 3: Signing of the Agreement

You sign a financial agreement with us. This agreement follows international standards.

Step 4: Good to Go!

EnergyVision delivers and/or installs the goods, through certified installers. The system is delivered turnkey and your savings start immediately. We follow the savings with you: we will be your green partner for the future. You pay back according to a fixed schedule (option 2 & 3) or you share part of the savings with us during a well-defined number of years (option 1).

When the Agreement Comes to an End?

Then the entire system becomes yours for 1 EUR. You continue to save without our help. Or you can opt for a limited maintenance contract with which we continue to operate the installation – that is really up to you!

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