DC ProFilm. Data Blocking, NSA-Proof.

There is more information in the air than ever before. Data are everywhere. And your windows are most vulnerable: it is where data signals get intercepted. They need more protection than ever. Against hackers. Against criminals. Against spies. Because banks want to protect customer data. Governments want to protect classified documents. Corporations want to protect knowhow.

EnergyVision offers a range of proprietary products under the ProFilm label, in order to keep your data  safe. We add a protective skin to your building. No  more secrets going out the window!

Our DC ProFilm obtains significant signal attenuation results, thereby securing data and voice signals from entering or leaving your building.

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Complete data protection.

Technical Specifications:

Minimal attenuation: 25 – 30 dB (light transmission up to 67%). As part of a ‘zoning’ concept, DC ProFilm reaches over 60 dB attenuation, which translates in 99.9% signal reduction. These claims are validated by academic research performed in the EMC laboratory of KHBO in Belgium.

A high-quality window film that combines a good light transparency with  a high Shielding Effectiveness factor (damping factor, for data blocking). As a consequence, incoming and outgoing electromagnetic radiation is effectively blocked at your premises. Your wireless communication does not get interrupted nor intercepted, thus providing a superior solution for your communication security. Your data is safe, your privacy is protected, your daylight is secured. Invisible film. DC ProFilm comes with a ten year warranty. Straightforward installation. Complies with EN 12600.

Key Features:

  • Data protecting capabilities combining good light transparency.
  • Invisible, colorless Film
  • Straightforward installation with a ten year warranty
  • Compliant with the EN 12600

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