We Put Safety First… and We’ve Got a Proven Track Record.

In times of rising terror, explosions, threats and increasing burglary, people want safety more than ever. Windows (and daylight entrance points in general) are often the weakest spot of a building.

EnergyVision offers a range of proprietary products under the ProFilm label, in order to deliver the highest possible protection against bomb-blast. No window film or coating can 100% protect you from an explosion or bomb-blast, but our proprietary films can dramatically improve the security and safety at your premises. With a proven track record at embassies, police stations and government buildings in the heart of Europe, EnergyVision knows how to deliver top-notch quality to the most delicate buildings and most demanding customers.

EnergyVision BC ProFilm

Save yourself from explosives.

BC ProFilm

We’ll Keep You Safe Even When the Worst Hits Your Building.

If an explosion occurs, one single square meter of glass can shatter into over 1,500 sharp pieces. Each of them is potentially lethal. Our high-end BC ProFilm window film can protect you from this situation. The film holds the glass together in the event of breakage – whether the impact is due to an explosion, a bomb blast, extreme weather conditions or a burglar using a sledge hammer. It prevents the broken pieces from separating and  throwing off pieces.

Key Features:

  • Colourless, nonreflective, almost invisible.
  • Straightforward installation with a ten year warranty
  • Compliant with the EN 12600

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