AC ProFilm. When Light Comes First.

Natural daylight gives this extra touch to your office, your workplace, your house. If only the heat could stay out. Our AC ProFilm, part of our wide ProFilm superior range of window films, optimizes the daylight entrance while blocking temperature fluctuations. You get daylight without the hassle.

The proprietary technology behind AC ProFilm obtains sustainable results: up to 25% savings on your cooling costs (in summer), up to 30% savings on your heating costs (in winter). High return, short payback period. An independent expert agency measured the effect of AC ProFilm at the premises of the European Commission: the average temperature inside the building decreased by 8.1°C in summer!

AC ProFilm EnergyVision

Save on energy costs every day of the year.

EnergyVision AC ProFilm 3D Render

In a Nutshell.

AC ProFilm (Air Control ProFilm).

A high quality window film which neutralises temperature fluctuations: AC ProFilm insulates your windows (to avoid heat loss in winter) and blocks UV / IR (in order to avoid temperature increase in summer).

Key Features:

  • Colourless, nonreflective, almost invisible.
  • Protects against burglary. Ten year warranty and an expected lifetime of over twenty years.
  • Straightforward installation.

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